Welcome to Take My Fat Away

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have so many things to share with you but let me start by telling you how much I love yoga and doing my best to take care of my body. Over the years, I have become very attentive to my eating and bodily movement habits. My health depends on me and only me. While I love yoga, I also love many other exercise routines. I always try to keep my body in motion throughout the day with walking, power walking, bicycling, dancing, and yoga. I wasn’t always like that, though. For years, my profession involved sitting at a desk all day, with very little movement until I left the office. It was wearing on me with weight gain, always tired, grabbed whatever I could eat on my way to work, while I’m sitting at my desk eating my lunch and starving by the time I got home, too tired to prepare meals, so I grabbed whatever and as much as I felt satisfied with, after work so I could just relax, and repeat the process the next day. I finally had to take control over how I was living and that is when I found yoga. I began doing more of my work from home to allow me the time to take care of my body and consume food in a healthier way.

My first start with yoga was from home. I bought programs on dvd to learn how to do some of the moves and routines in the privacy of my own home. Those worked very well. I then started attending a gym near my home with a yoga instructor, which I learned to love as well. I met other women who were there for the same reasons I was and they became my support group. We then started talking about their eating habits and their special meals they were good at preparing, which in turn led others to try what they did and just learning what other people are doing, makes it easier and more fun to try things, whether they are within the support circle or trying other things like meals/yoga moves/classes on your own.






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